Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why you should have lots of neighbour in Treasure Isle...

Why you should have lots of active neighbour in Treasure Isle?...

1. To collect gem
Lots of various colour of gems needed to unlock digging area and different neighbours would have different gem colour on their island. Make sure you plan in such a way that you have complete colours among your neighbours; red, orange, purple, blue and green.

2. To collect gold
Lots of gold is needed to buy items and equipments in the digging activity. Other than that, gold also needed to purchase some of the maps.

3. To send energy pack
Every player is allowed to use their free energy pack once in every 24 hours. To get this pack, we need to publish request on our wall for our friend to respond.

4. To send us fruits
We can seek help from our friend to send us fruits by sending them fruits request. Fruits can provide us with energy to continue digging.

5. To send us free gift
There are lots of free gifts provided by the games in the form of fruits, decoration as well as gems.

6. To send us treasure
The games allowed us to exchange treasure so that we can complete our collection faster.

7. To send us our missing chest
During our digging we would occasionally dug out our friend's missing stuff. A good friend would be willing to send this back to us. The chest contains a treasure which we may need to complete our collection.

8. To send us their overstuffed chest
This chest may contain valuable items such as decoration or fruits.

These are among the benefits of having lots of neighbours and please select the active one. In one of the articles later I would try to share something on how we can raise gold without using our real money. Until then...

Happy Digging...

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