Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Series- Sican (Treasure Madness)

It seems that Treasure Madness (TM) listens to what its players voice out at the forum.

A few changes are incorporated in the game recently besides releasing new maps and new collections;

1. No more auto-refill cap;

This is the one that i really wait for. Earlier they set the auto refill cap according to their set up based on weather such as 100hp, 200hp, 250hp and there are once 300hp. Now the cap is removed and auto refill energy would be according to the player level.

For me, a level 363 player, the auto-refill limit would be 462hp. At least i would have lots of energy to spend when i return to the game later.

4 star for this improvement. I would give 5 if they give back the full refill after level up. at the moment they just give 100hp.

2. Maps for all

Now all the maps can be bought through gold and no more mu$. This means that all players have opportunity to play all the maps eventhough if they didnt spend any real money in it. I'm among the players who never put real money in it and try to avoid spending mu$ unless if i really need to.

Earlier, i spent the mu$ to upgrade my equipment (which is really worth for it) since my digging would need less energy now.

I also used my mu$ to buy gold and fruits maps. Not that i really need them, but i need to finish all the maps if i want to redo my completed maps.

But after all the health changes, i stop buying even the gold and fruit maps because i dont think i would be able to complete all the maps with the new limited health system; auto-refill cap, 100 hp level up, 100 hp energy pack.

For this change i will give 3 stars.

3. New health supplies

I would talk about the first supply, the aspirin.

The aspirin will give you 45 hp for 2mu$. I can say that 45 hp is equivalent to a mango (30 hp) and a banana (15hp).

you can swap this fruits with your friends through free gifts unless if TM plan to take it out from the free gift list later. But still i think 45hp is not worth to spend the 2 mu$.

0 star for this.

4. New map series- Sican

After digging out all the old and craps treasures, i think this is the good time for TM to release the new series.

No long talk, 5 star for this.

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