Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Branched Path (Treasure Isle)


1. cost me 18 island cash (just enough for me.. now i'm broke with none of cash island) . Hope i would dig some in the island later..

2. 31 treasures.. (woww..) from 3 collections:
  1. Prince Haritatos
  2. Ancient Container
  3. God Statues
3. 14 locked area---->> need the follows to unlock
  1. red gem--->>> 3
  2. green gem--->> 3
  3. blue gem--->>>3
  4. purple gem--->> 3
  5. orange gem--->> 2
seems i have enough of the gem... very lucky then... that is why it is my "best practice" to always maintain around 10 each of the gems at anytime...

enough for now... detailed report would be sent over through the pigeon later....

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