Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hidden Water (Replay)

Cost: 10 map fragment

Collections: Mayan Weapon; mayan Clothing; Prince Haritatos

Treasures: 8
  1. Under the throne: Emereal charm 50 xp
  2. stones tiles near the boat: belt 5 xp
  3. under philedendron near the multidig rock: spear 15 xp
  4. near the throne: sandals 5 xp (30 xp more for completing the collection)
  5. near the multidig rock nearby the boat: tzute 5 xp

Gem needed: 5 orange gem

  1. Too many stoned tiles and plants--->> take lots of energy
  2. 3 multidig rock...

Not really happy to dig the multidig rock... will try to avoid this map later..

morover, orange gem is my rare gem...

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