Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Branched Path (Treasure Isle)-Part 2

1. Treasure:
  1. Under the Mayan Priest Statue-->>> Diamond (Shipwreck Loot Collection) 50 xp
  2. Under Tiki Throne--->>> Emerald (Shipwreck Loot) 50 xp
  3. Under Jaguar Statue--->>> Hail God (God Statue) 15 xp
  4. Under Flame Tree--->> Bottle (Ancient Container) 5 xp
  5. Under Calendar--->> Keg (Ancient Container) 5 xp
  6. Under jacaranda tree--->> ceramic pot .. it completing the ancient container collection.. 1000g and 30 xp for me...
  7. near flamingo lily next to gray boulder beside the sea--- ceramic pot 5 xp
  8. fern near the big lava near boat-- clay jug 5 xp
  9. next to purple gem before jaguar statue- bottle 5 xp (to be continud)
  10. under big boulder near the boat--->>> keg 5xp
  11. Next to jacaranda---> Thunder god 15 xp (and 60 xp more for completing a collection)
  12. next to mayan statue---->> keg 5xp
  13. at calendar area--->> keg 5 xp(levelling up to 88)
  14. near the boat--->> thunder god 15 xp
  15. near big boulder at the boat----->> ceramic pot 5xp
  16. near the boulder besides the throne-->> candelabra 50 xp
  17. near the flame tree--->> pitcher 5 xp (30 xp more for completing the collection)
  18. near boulder between orange and day lili---->>> jaguar god 15 xp (60 xp more for completing the collection)
  19. next to orange lily as 18 above--> spanish 50 xp
  20. same location as 19---> snake god 15 xp
  21. as 20---> snake god 15 xp (so many snake here)
  22. near boulder next to mayan statue--->> bottle 5 xp
  23. under boulder next to jacaranda--->sun god 15 xp
  24. under flamingo lily near to 23 above --->> hail god 15 xp
  25. same location--->> bottle 5 xp

2. Equipment needed
  1. 5 dynamite cost 750g
3. Gold
  1. under philodendron near gray boulder--70g
  2. next to flam. lily next to gray b---100g
  3. philodendron near the boat--90g
  4. under flamingo lily(near philodendron and day lily)---->>>70 g
  5. under orange lily (between 2 philodendrons and a boulder--->>> 120 g
  6. under flamingo lily behind Tiki Throne- 80 g
  7. under philodendron near jaguar statue- 80 g
  8. next to jaguar statue, near sea- 120 g
  9. next to near jaguar statue beside sea- 80 g
  10. under orchid---70g
  11. under boulder near to flamingo lily and philodendron ---70g
  12. stop at this point because there are so many gold especially under the stoned tiles
4. gem
  1. near flamingo lily next to gray boulder----green gem

ok.. ill stop reporting for the map at this point with 6 more treasures left...

Overall, worth digging and waiting for the 18 island cash..

  1. Treasures: not bad, i manage to secure few collections; only 29 out of 31 treasures discovered before completing the map.
  2. golds: Lots of it especailly under the stoned tiles
  3. fruits: lots of pineapple and mangoes and few others..
  4. gem: a few...
  5. 175 xp more for completing the map (this means that ive completed the map).. :)

that's all for now.. Happy digging...

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