Saturday, May 22, 2010

Secret Forest (Replay)

This one seems good.

map fragment: 25

Treasures: 21
  1. Tree near the flamingo lily: sun god 15 xp
  2. under mayan cal: bottle 5 xp
  3. between flamingo lily and calendar: candelabra 50 xp
  4. next to day lily nearby orange lily: clay jug 5 xp
  5. near the jetty: thunder god: 15 xp
  6. under the big tree nearby the treasure counting box: jaguar god 15 xp (60 xp more for competing collection)
  7. under the tree under energy counter: bottle 5 xp
  8. same area as 7: bottle 5 xp
  9. stoned tile behind the calendar: hail god 15 xp
  10. under philodendron in front of calendar: bottle 5 xp
  11. under stoned tiles near to philodendron and orange lily: bottle 5 xp
  12. under orange lily: bottle 5 xp
  13. under philodendron next to flamingo lily: jaguar god 15 xp
  14. between day lily and philodendron near the boat: clay jug 5 xp
  15. under stoned tiles near the day lily next to boat: pitcher 5 xp (30 xp more for completing collection)
  16. under rubber tree near to pitcher icon: clay jug 5 xp
  17. stop here
found all 21 one the treasures
by completing the map, have 80 xp more.
no gem
no cash

Overall: Not bad

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