Monday, May 10, 2010

Treasure Isle For a Beginner

I'm playing Treasure Isle in Facebook. It is a game whereby we can dig treasure at various maps supplied and at the same time have the opportunity to decorate our own island. This game is developed by Zynga which also develops various others games in facebook such as Mafia Wars, Farmville as well as Yoville and Fishville. In fact, Treasure Isle is the newest game introduced by Zynga.

Basically, we may say that TI is the copycat of Treasure Madness which also available in Facebook. However, due to some improvement made in TM which was not favoured by numbers of players, TI has capitalised the situation and it has attracted most of my teammembers to play TI as soon as it was launched including myself.

Today i just want to share some information regarding TI:

1. Dont overspend your Gold to decorate your island.
This is because you need lots and lots of it to buy dynamites and bugspray. There are maps/ island which have lots of hills/ bugs and we need to buy special items to unlock the digging area. Or else we wont be able to proceed to dig at certain area. The second release of maps are full with these challenge.

2. Level up as fast as you can
The higher your level, the longer you can play because for every level you reach, you will be granted one more point for your maximum energy refill. For example, I am at level 70 so my energy will be refilled at maximum of 169. The lowest refill level would 101 for level 2.

3. have lots of neighbour
Almost all the maps will be designed as such that we need to unlock certain areas by having various colours of gem. There are red, purple, blue, green and orange gem. It is good to have active neighbours who own different colours of gem. Or if you want to invite new player, make sure to click those boxes with gem colour which your existing neighbour dont have or least have.

4. Look for active neighbour
Try to invite active player as your neighbour. This can be done by selecting those in high level or their level is moving up. This is because in order for us to be able to get the gem from their gem tree, the tree should be harvested by the neighbour every day. Or else, the game will assume that we have harvested from the tree and wont allow us to pick anymore until the next harvest. We are allowed to pick the gem only once a day.

There are more tips to follow especially why we should have lots of active neighbour.
Check it out..


  1. whoaa...good tips! kelak nk try la...lamak x main game ya gik.

  2. usey2.. kei ngilang boring.. :)