Saturday, May 22, 2010

vigilant protector (2nd replay)

First Replay

What treasure?
  1. under the sad tiki--> Vase 5xp
  2. Tile Right to it: Royal Table Ware 5xp
  3. Next to big lava: coral necklace 15 xp
  4. next to gloxima/ big lava: vase 5 xp
  5. next to smallest lava: coral necklace 15 xp
  6. behind sad tiki: Royal table ware 5 xp
  7. Between palm tree and fern( next to smaller lava):----->>> magrritee painting 50 xp
  8. Next to Fern (Near Gloxima):--->>> royal table ware 5 xp
  9. Next to boat: ----->>> nutcracker 4 xp
  10. next to fern and palm tree near sea/ smaller lava:---->>>> coral crown 5 xp (yesss 30 xp more (i think)... i complete a collection with this and level up to level 87)
  11. Under the fern near sea (second island)----> nutcracker 5 xp

Second Replay

What treasure?
  1. under the sad tiki--> chalice 5xp
  2. Tile in front of it: chalice 5xp
  3. Under big lava: Van gogh 50 xp (100 more for completing the collection)
  4. Next to palm tree/ gloxima: Nutcracker 5 xp
  5. Next to boat: chalice 5 xp
  6. Under smallest lava: Coral necklace 15 xp
  7. under moonflower: chalice 5 xp
  8. 4 more to go

overall: 2nd replay gives different treasures from 1st replay.

But so far the first gave a painting whereas the 2nd so far give a painting as well but a different one.

This means its okay to do replay for the same maps a few times. With second one i manage to complete the painting collections which still didnt complete even for the first time.

I recommend for this map as among the one to be done.

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