Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vigilant Protector (Map Replay - Treasure Isle)

My first ever map replay in TI... Lemme see...

I have 9 maps fragment so i would only able to replay those need 5 fragments. There are few maps which needs only 5 fragments:
  1. Tiki Isle Series:---->>> Peaceful Bay, Palm Paradise, Tiki Atoll
  2. Tiki Isle 2: -------->>>Hula Village; Luau Bay; Vigilant Protector
  3. Tiki Isle 3:------>>>>>None
  4. Tiki Isle 4:------>>>>>None
  5. Mayan Isle:---->>>>>None
  6. Mayan Isle 2:---->>>>>None
  7. Mayan Isle 3:---->>>>>None
  8. Mayan Isle 4:---->>>>>Silent Forest
Since I still miss few items from Tiki Series so i chosed Vigilant Protector. Let us see how to replay and what is inside the map..

1. How to replay:
  1. Click the Replay button
  2. And it will aoutomatic bring us back to the island....
  3. Just like that.. start digging fella..
2. What is inside the island
  1. It has 11 treasures
  2. 1 locked area
  3. need 1 red gem to unlock it.
3. What treasure?
  1. under the sad tiki--> Vase 5xp
  2. Tile Right to it: Royal Table Ware 5xp
  3. Next to big lava: coral necklace 15 xp
  4. next to gloxima/ big lava: vase 5 xp
  5. next to smallest lava: coral necklace 15 xp
  6. behind sad tiki: Royal table ware 5 xp
  7. Between palm tree and fern( next to smaller lava):----->>> magrritee painting 50 xp
  8. Next to Fern (Near Gloxima):--->>> royal table ware 5 xp
  9. Next to boat: ----->>> nutcracker 4 xp
  10. next to fern and palm tree near sea/ smaller lava:---->>>> coral crown 5 xp (yesss 30 xp more (i think)... i complete a collection with this and level up to level 87)
  11. Under the fern near sea (second island)----> nutcracker 5 xp

4. How many gold?
  1. under the small lava: 100g
  2. next to big lava:--->130g
  3. fern next to smallest lava:--->120 g
  4. near the boat:--->>> 70g
  5. next to sad tiki: 90g
  6. next to smallest lava: 130 g
  7. next o moonflower: 100g
  8. near the sea/ island 1: 120g
  9. next to it: 80g
  10. in front of sad tiki:--->>130 g

5. Fruits:
  1. Under Fern next to big lava:---> coconut
  2. next to big lava;--->>> pineapple
  3. under fern next to smaller lava (near the sea):----> a mango
  4. near the boat:-----> a kiwi
  5. next to sea island 1: a banana
  6. next to moonflower: a mango
  7. island 1 near sea: a fruit
  8. near palm tree/ behind sad tiki: a fruit
6. Island Cash:
  1. Near the sea next to sad tiki: 1 cash ( one more and i can unlock the biggest island with --18 island cash)
  2. yeesss... one more next to fern and palm island 2, near the sea... big island here i come...:)
7. Gem
  1. Green gem
near the end of digging now.. last report before i dig the last tile:

  1. 3 palm tree
  2. 6 fern
  3. 3 lava
  4. 1 moon flower
  5. 2 gloxima
there goes the last dig.. 30 xp more for me...

  1. 11 treasure of course
  2. 8 fruits
  3. 1000 ++ gold
  4. 2 island cash
  5. 1 gem

until next replay... now i have one big island (expensive one) to be dug and report...

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