Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Puan Norhani

When I first attended my English Course at IIUM Matriculation Center, my "Speaking" lecturer, Mdm Norhani keep on repeating,

" I will make sure that at the end of this semester, you will not only speak in English, but will dream in English as well".

As we were placed at the Beginner Level(Level 1) of four levels and most of us learnt English only at school (for exam purposes) we just laugh at the statement.

Today I can say that Puan Norhani's expectation is not that bad. At least she can be proud of what her students have achieved. And part of it was due to her exciting and enjoyable "Speaking" tutorial.

Puan Norhani is a very sweet lady lecturer from Kelantan who would speak along with her body to help us understand her teaching. In case this entry would reach her, I am from 1990-1992 IIUM Matriculation Centre Batch at Lembah Pantai Campus.

Thank you Puan Norhani. I will always remember your statement. At least for 20 years now and it still ringing in my mind.

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