Buku yang saya sedang baca - Tropical Affairs

This book is written by Robert Raymer, an American writer who has lived in Malaysia for over 20 years.


Actually this is the second book i read which is written by the same author. His first book was Lovers and Strangers Revisited. It was blogged earlier here last year.

This book is generally about the writer's on experience as he enliven various roles as expatriat, lecturer, father as well as an individual. 

The book is divided into seven main part  which speak about different interesting issues. 

For example, Part 1 is about his experience as movie extra. Among the small chapters are My Four Days with Catherine Deneuve and The Crocodile and I.

There is a part attributed to his son, Zaini entitled On Being a Father. He wrote about his excitement of being a father for the first time and how he adored his son and hope the best for him.

Other part which I love most so far is about he as a teacher. On Being A Teacher leads the readers to appreciate  lots of things during creative writing learning process, his passion. I learn a lot.

I am still at Part 3 enjoying his experience as a father. Still a lot of things to go eventhough I can say that i have learnt a lot so far. 

There are still seven and a half parts to enjoy and I'm looking forward  to enjoy the reading.


  1. Robert Raymer, one of Mak isah's favorite authors :)

  2. Salam Mak Isah...

    Saya pun suka buku2 dia... Simple and enjoyable... Nanti2 Mak Isah blog le about your favourite books/ authors.... :)