Thursday, February 4, 2016

Until Jannah, in sya Allah

My better half's birthday is tomorrow. Yesterday we went to mph after works just to avoid traffic peak period. 

I have come across a table deco written with inspirational quote. 

Nice one. 

Silently I picked it and paid at the counter. Just ignoring my husband's query on my purchase. 

"Beli apa?".

 Just acted that I didn' t hear his question. (Maaf kan saya... Hehe)

After passing through mph exit, I passed it to him. Telling him that it's my birthday gift to him. I have decided to listen to the quote and not to wait until the very day to give it to him.

Life is short. Why should we delay any happy moment that we want to have. 

So, today, one day before the B-day, the gift already got it's special place on the husband's workstation. 

And on the Day, the gift will be there already to send him my best wishes.

"Until Jannah, in sya Allah".

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